Educational Partners International, LLC (EPI) is an Exchange Visitor Program authorized to sponsor teachers for K-12 placements in public, private, and charter schools in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Florida.

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EPI celebrates the importance of cultural exchange

As an Exchange Visitor Program Sponsor, we at EPI celebrate the importance of cultural exchange and the impact exchange teachers have on American students preparing for a global society. We provide outstanding support for our teachers as they adapt to a new country, city and school assignment. We facilitate opportunities for our teachers to enjoy cultural activities while promoting personal and professional growth.

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EPI is an authorized Exchange Visitor Program


What you need

  • Bachelor's Degree or US equivalent
  • Two years full-time teaching experience after date of Bachelor's Degree
  • Currently teaching full-time (unless pursuing a US equivalent Masters or PhD degree)
  • Non-US residency or non-citizenship
  • Advanced proficiency in English

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How we help

  • Visa sponsorship for you and your family
  • Credentialing & licensure
  • Competitive salary
  • Travel arrangements
  • Help securing lodging, transportation, health insurance, banking & more
  • Ongoing instructional support

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Are paid on the same salary scale as US teachers.
Receive local & in-class support from EPI.
Receive access to our 24/7 support line to help in any emergency.

Teacher Testimonials

The EPI team deals with matters concerning teachers swiftly, effectively and with noteworthy professionalism. I have always been impressed by the level of proficiency each member of the EPI team gives to teachers from the initial contact through to placement. I am very impressed with the service received from EPI and I would have no hesitation in recommending the organization, Educational Partners International.
Aston H. - Jamaica, General Science Teacher
Since I am here I've had a very good experience. I am very happy with all the support I've received from EPI as well as the support I've received from my local liaison. I am very happy with the school where I am working. I'm learning a lot and sharing my knowledge in education as well as my culture. This is a very enriching experience!
Bianca N. - Venezuela, Spanish Teacher
One of my dreams had always been becoming the greatest teacher for my students. Participating as an EPI teacher made my dreams become a reality. I have grown exponentially in my profession in the past three years thanks to all the professional development from my school and EPI.
Fiorella G. - Nicaragua, Mathematics Teacher


EPI provides the following services:

  • Teacher recruitment in selected countries
  • A rigorous, systematic, and consistent screening, interviewing, and selection process
  • Teacher application, references, criminal record check, and verification of experience
  • Certification and Licensure
  • Travel arrangements for participating teachers from their home to the host district
  • J-1 cultural exchange visa
  • Assistance obtaining a Social Security Number
  • Pre-departure and arrival orientation
  • Health and other insurance
  • Assistance to teachers with securing lodging, transportation, banking, and other necessary services upon arrival

Why EPI?

  • 24-Hour availability
  • Ongoing instructional support
  • Cultural adaptation
  • Authentic cultural exchange
  • Professional development

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Authentic Cultural Exchange

We place teachers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Florida

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EPI helps teachers have a great experience

We believe in opportunities for authentic cultural exchange. We are committed to placing the best teacher possible in every school. We are dedicated to supporting our teachers culturally and professionally so that they may provide sound instruction and become a valuable member of the school faculty. By choosing EPI, you are creating an exchange opportunity for students all over the world to expand their global perspectives and grow from the experience.

EPI understands cultural exchange

EPI is owned and operated by career educators with a combined experience of more than 30 years in international teacher recruitment, placement, and support. We understand the importance of teacher quality and its impact on student performance, especially in these times of high accountability.